Monique Jose heals clients all across the country, USA, and Canada. She uses the Body Code modality, intuition, the law of attraction and energy testing to resolve issues and accomplish goals!

Testing the subconscious leads us right to the answers and to the root cause of the clients’ issues as well as offers incredible guidance.

“Prior to my sessions with Monique I was struggling with my relationship with food. I am a life long yo-yo dieter, and as a result I have created a lot of rules and regulations around food causing a love/hate relationship with it. I have always been a person who uses food to deal with stress, which has created some pretty unhealthy habits. I knew that the traditional “diet” world wasn’t my solution, so I reached out to Monique for help to get to the root cause affecting my emotions around food and my weight. Through my work with Monique over the past two months, I have seen and felt a shift with these unhealthy habits.  Right after our first session I began to notice that I wasn’t turning to food as much when I was stressed. As the weeks went on, my desire to snack all day declined,  and I actually stopped eating when I was full. With her guidance I learned about how to eat foods that were the most beneficial for my own body through intuitive eating and muscle testing. I began to see the number on the scale go down, and most importantly through our work I’ve gotten to a place where I’m learning to love and honor my body again.

I am so grateful for Monique and the work we have done. It has been such a blessing in my life.”

— Millie

Monique can help if you have struggles with your relationship with food, dieter, stress, unhealthy habits. Love and honor your body.
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In this review Knee pain, back pain, skin hives, Monique can also identify your body sensitivities to chemicals in products, and release trapped emotions.

“After sessions with Monique, I have noticed improvements with pain in my knee, back and ongoing skin hives. Through her testing she has helped me identify sensitivities to the type of sweeteners I use, dental products and cleaning product toxins I was previously exposed to. I feel a greater sense of calmness, confidence, and peacefulness after she releases trapped emotions.

I highly recommend trying the Emotion / Body Code work Monique offers.”

— Anonymous

“Over the past year, Monique has worked on a variety of issues for me… To tell you the truth, it’s been probably close to a hundred! From issues with reaching my goals, chronic neck pain, focus and a whole list that started with career questions that progressed to deeper discoveries about trapped emotions from ancestors and forgotten experiences from early childhood that still were being experienced today as an adult. It is always a treat to work with Monique. So many jaw dropping revelations, bringing so much light to hidden traumas, making it so much easier to acknowledge and let go for good. I have trusted Monique with my deepest known and unknown issues and traumas and rightfully so.  She has a non judgmental energy and vibe, and her intuition is on point. Looking back at the file of released emotions (even a doc file with all  my released junk!) and I just can’t believe how much emotional baggage we have released.  We even worked on removing blocks that were preventing my house from selling and buying the house of my dreams… I now live in my dream home! 

Thank you, Monique, for following your truth. We need you!!!!”

— Zayra

aka.  Nena Catalina

“Monique is truly a gift from God! As a practitioner she is kind, knowledgeable, respectful, and extremely understanding. She truly is a master in her trade. I thank God everyday for everything we’ve been able to work on together… and look forward to working with her in the future.

You will not regret booking an appointment with her!”

— Grecia P.

Monique a truly gift from God! Kind, Knowledgeable, with Body code. Check out these testimonials.
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Family relationships, communication improvements, Monique can help you to achieve a healthy relationship with your love ones with results right away.

“My family and I have been blessed to have Monique as our Practitioner. She is so knowledgeable, gifted, and her love and passion for her work shines through in every session.

I’ve noticed in our family that our relationships and communication is incredibly better, my daughters pain in her eyes she’d had for years diminished drastically, and my son who suffered a sports injury is now confident and feels safe to start playing sports again without having the underlying fear of injury holding him back.

Monique has helped us with our fitness and nutrition goals, clearing any blocks to exercise routines as well as creating a customized meal plan of what foods our bodies needs.

Whether you are needing help in your health and wellness goals, clearing physical pain, increasing finances, building relationships or even a home or office clearing, she will be able to help you get to the root cause of the underlying issue and start seeing results right away!”

— Tiera

“Before I had my session with Monique, every morning it took about an hour for the stiffness to go away. It hurt to bend down, make the bed, etc. after my first session I really have no pain in my back , literally if I do it doesn’t bother me and I get right out of bed and make it, stretch and go workout before I start my day! Monique really understands the emotion code and how to get past hurts and things we don’t want to remember out and because we have purposely forgot these experiences. She is able to get that hurt, pain, emotional and mental blockage out. I did some research and I am going to go through as many sessions as it takes . If anyone has pain or bad experiences from your past I would definitely book an introductory session with her, …you have nothing to lose and when you see the benefits you will want to tell everyone you love! I’m almost in tears.

She is amazing and you should book an appointment right away!”

— Elizabeth

“Monique is the real deal. She has helped me heal my energy tremendously.

I can’t recommend her enough.”

— Ceci.

“Monique has done multiple sessions with me, my spouse, 4 children, and our cat. Two sessions stand out that I’d like to share.

Penny, my cat, was bitten by a venomous snake and hospitalized. After the incident she seemed distant and more wild. She didn’t sleep at the foot of our beds anymore and preferred to spend all of her time outside. Monique worked on releasing the following emotions: Abandonment, Anxiety, Lost, Betrayal, Despair, Forlorn, and Anxiety. The night after the session she slept with me and purred. It was a break through!

The second session that stands out involved my husband who was sick and miserable with a fever for nearly a week. Her energy work identified an underlying cause to his imbalance as a poisonous plant toxin in the master bedroom. To my amazement, we had a struggling orchid on the nightstand next him and I removed it immediately. The next day he turned the corner and started to recover.”

— Stacy

All your family gets part of the energy healing with Monique's sessions.
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